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8.3: Assignment- CEO Recommendations

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    Assignment Objective

    This assignment requires you to apply what you have learned about Word to a typical office document.

    CEO Recommendations Memo Assignment

    Using Word, format the CEO Recommendations Memo that you created for the previous assignment as follows:

    • Use proper “memo” formatting. If you need help with creating a memo, refer to the “How to Create a Memo” document in Week 4. Do not use one of the predefined memo templates in Word.
    • Align the text following To:, From:, Date:, and Subject: using tabs.
    • Spell and grammar check the document.
    • Set the left and right margins to 1.25 inches and the top and bottom margins to 1 inch.
    • Bold, italicize and/or underline at least one word in the document.
    • Include a bulleted list and/or a numbered list.
    • Include a header that contains the page number (centered), and your last name (right-aligned). All information should be entered on one line.
    • Include at least one footnote.
    • Left align and first-line indent (not tab) each paragraph as well as the footnote(s).
    • Format the entire document including the header and footnote(s) using Times New Roman font and size 12.
    • Single space the entire document and separate each paragraph with a blank line.
    • Do not include any spacing before and/or after paragraphs. (Set the “Before” and “After” paragraph spacing to 0.)
    • Use a table to compare and contrast the products you have researched.
    • Include at least one clip art image in the document.


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