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1.5: Assessment

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    Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

    ____    1.   Nuclear power plants that generate electricity fall under the Energy Sector.

    ____    2.   “Lifeline” critical infrastructure sectors are those sectors that are essential for the operation of most other critical infrastructure.

    ____    3.   A coordinating sector-specific agency for the Food and Agriculture Sector is the Department of Heath and Human Services.

    ____    4.   The organization that defines the standards for reliable bulk power systems is NIST.


    Multiple Choice

    Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


    ____    5.   Which of the following is not a Lifeline sector?

    a.  Energy c.  Healthcare and Public Health
    b.  Telecommuncations d.  Transportation Systems


    ____    6.   Which of the following is not a segment in the Energy sector?

    a. Gas c. Oil
    b. Electricity d. Solar


    ____    7.   Which of the following designates DHS as the responsible agency to provide strategic guidance to the critical sectors?

    a. NIST c. PPD-21
    b. NERC d. SLTT


    ____    8.   Which of the following is a role of SLTTGCC?

    a. Coordinate with DHS c. Provide organizational structure, coordinating across jurisdictions
    b. Serve as a federal interface d. Carry out incident management responsibilities



    Complete the sentence.

    9. Infrastructure resilience is ___________________________________________________________.


    Short Answer

    10. Name the five Lifeline sectors and explain why these sectors are essential to the nation’s economy and well-being.



    11. Identify two other sectors on which the Food and Agriculture Sector depends and explain the relationship.



    12. Explain how attacks on the Water and Wastewater Systems sector can negatively impact health and human safety.




    For the answers to these questions, email your name, the name of your college or other institution, and your position there CyberWatch West will email you a copy of the answer key.

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