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3.5: Assessment

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    Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

    ____ 1. Unlike IT systems, ICS places more importance on availability than on confidentiality.

    ____ 2. Stateless firewalls examine each packet and make a determination about whether or not the packet is allowed based on context.

    ____ 3. IPv6 is an improvement over IPv4 because of its ability to support encryption, authentication, and longer address space.


    Multiple Choice

    Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

    ____ 4. Which of the following is not an element of Operational Technology?

    a. Event-driven architecture c. Consists of electromechanical, sensors, actuators, coded displays, handheld devices
    b. Processes transactions and provides information d. Controls machines rather than providing support to people


    ____ 5. Which of the following is not a major component of an ICS network?

    a. Fieldbus Network c. Communications routers
    b. Remote Access Points d. File server


    ____ 6. Which of the following is not an open communication protocol?

    a. Modbus c. DNP3
    b. Fieldbus d. HART



    Complete the sentence.

    7. A ____________ network is an industrial network system connecting instruments, sensors, and other devices to a PLC or controller.

    8. ____________ was created in 1979 as a communications protocol for use with PLCs and is now a defacto standard.



    Match the major component of an ICS to its function.

    A. Control Server E. Intelligent Electronic Devices (Sensors/Actuators)
    B. SCADA Server or Master Terminal Unit (MTU) F. Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
    C. Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) G. Data Historian
    D. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) H. Input/Output (IO) Server

    ____    9.   Controllers used at the field level

    ____  10.   Hosts DCS or PLC software

    ____  11.   Software and hardware used by a person to monitor the state of the process and manage the settings

    ____  12.   Devices that convert physical properties to an electronic signal and then perform a physical action

    ____  13.   Device that collects, buffers, and provides access to information on subcomponents

    ____  14.   Master in a SCADA system

    ____  15.   Centralized database that logs information received from ICS devices

    ____  16.   Special purpose data acquisition and control unit device


    Short Answer

    17.  Address some of the potential challenges with ICS devices.



    18.  Identify some “best practices” in securing critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR).



    19.  Discuss some “best practices” in ICS firewall design.




    For the answers to these questions, email your name, the name of your college or other institution, and your position there CyberWatch West will email you a copy of the answer key.


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