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7.5: Assessment

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    Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

    ____ 1. A risk assessment that uses descriptive terminology, such as “high,” “medium,” and “low,” is called a quantitative risk assessment.


    Multiple Choice

    Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


    ____ 2. In which phase of the Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Framework is the goal to identify, detect, disrupt, and prepare for hazards and threats; reduce vulnerabilities; and mitigate consequences.

    a. Assess and analyze risk c. Implement risk management activities
    b. Establish program goals d. Identify assets


    ____ 3. _________________ is a computerized, open-source risk assessment tool that consists of UML-based packages.

    a. OCTAVE c. CSET
    b. CORAS d. SNORT


    ____ 4. _________________ was developed by Carnegie Mellon as a suite of tools, techniques, and methods for risk-based information security assessment and planning; it utilizes event/fault trees.

    a. OCTAVE c. CSET
    b. CORAS d. SNORT



    Complete the sentence.

    5. ___________________________________________________________ refers to the logistics associated with obtaining needed components.


    Short Answer

    6. Discuss the impact that an industry’s regulatory environment might have on risk assessment. Provide an example of a regulation in a sector that would have to be security tested.





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